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Ted Cruz’s Porn: An Important Discovery(?)

Twitter has been, perhaps, the most important internet service in the past ten years. From countries like Syria using Twitter to communicate with the rest of the world or swaying the election by allowing the candidates to talk directly to... Continue Reading →


Dunkirk: Fills the Void

Fear and war—are there two more inseparable bedfellows? The young and old cowering in a trench, ducking as machine gun fire flies overhead, looking towards the endless expanse of the sea not knowing what is going to happen next; fear... Continue Reading →

Tenacious D: The Greatest Film Ever Made?

"No-- we're not coming over there" Call it a movie. Call it a musical. Call it a rock opera. Call it genius. Genius is the only title that these kings of rock can hold with the human hand we are... Continue Reading →

Fun: Sometimes It’s Okay

There is a certain merit in doing things for the sake of doing them. You don't need to have some kind of ultimate goal or lesson plan laid out for every single activity or event-- something I have come to learn in the last few years.

Honoring Adam West- A True Hero (Rest in Peace)

As a young lad I was, like many of my peers, enthralled with superheros and comic books. The tales of dashing dervishes and their daring-do was a perfect storm to capture the imagination of a child. One hero specifically caught... Continue Reading →

“Psychedelic” Beatles Suck: The Destruction of “Tomorrow Never Knows”

What a menagerie of absolute nonsense this song is. The psychedelic movement in rock is, perhaps, the biggest insult to the talent that the Beatles possessed. Instead of going for masterfully crafted compositions and thoughtful, intense lyrics we get a... Continue Reading →

ScamVenture Pt.6- The End

Well folks-- here we are; the exciting conclusion to “ScamVenture.” I tell ya, it's been an absolute blast; which is why it's taken me months to finally finish this up. But I'm going to have to wrap this up here,... Continue Reading →

Keep the Light Alive: Immigration Law Enforcement in Schenectady, NY

There has been a recent push by a small group of Schenectady residents to make Schenectady a “Sanctuary City”—a city that does not enforce immigration laws, protecting illegal immigrants from the authorities in reference to their citizenship status. According to... Continue Reading →

FreeVenture Pt.1: Three Free Adobe Suite Alternatives

Free is better- simple enough.

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