Mundane Magic

For as long as I can remember, I’ve wanted magic to be real. Imagine all the positivity and change magic could put into our communities if only we knew how to use it. I’ve read countless books about magic and fantasy and for the most part they’re tripe but every now and again you run into an example of “realistic” magic. Recently I read through The Dresden Files (for the first time since graduating high school )and, among the list of exceptional traits this series possesses, foremost is how real the magic feels within the universe. Now I won’t go on and on about these books but they just get me thinking; what if magic was real?

I posit that maybe magic does exist. I’m sure you know the old mantra; sufficient technology can be confused for magic and all that. We live in a world with feats and wonders beyond what one would have thought possible even a hundred years ago. So who’s to say that magic isn’t real when we can heal a patient with a deadly illness, or fly through the sky at near incomprehensible speeds? What’s more, much of what humanity can do that could be considered “sufficient technology” are things we take for granted in day to day life.

Think for a moment, when was the last time you really looked around you and thought about how amazing the world is? Even as I sit here, typing away at my computer in my little apartment I’m surrounded by magic. I’m writing on a device that will allow me to propel my media to the masses at the touch of a button, listening to a personal performance from all my favorite musicians, enjoying the cool air in my home even though it’s ninety degrees just outside my door. As long winded and preachy as this might sound it only serves to prove a point that if magic did exist how hard would it be to hide it under our noses? Well, according to one man, not so hard.

I know a handful of people who work in human services- intelligent and talented people who’ve chosen to use their gifts and compassion to help those in need. From one of these great people I learned of one of their clients who claims to be a Wizard. Offhand I was obviously inclined to just shrug it off but I figured maybe I should learn more before dismissing this stranger’s beliefs. So I asked some follow up questions and it turns out that the Wizard had been suffering from paranoid schizophrenia for much of his life. As he’s sought help over the last couple of years he’s also been using his rituals and spells to supplement the medicine that he’s been prescribed. According to my source (who must remain anonymous for professional reasons) she believes that his ritual has helped him maintain balance and a healthier lifestyle almost as much as the drugs. Much of his “magic” consists of wearing or holding things that he believes have magical significance or performing simple rituals or routines that help him keep hold of who he is. That said it is amazing how something that appears so simple to an observer, such as wearing an amulet or drinking a certain herbal tea, makes all the difference in the world to this man.

So just maybe magic really does exist in our world. It’s more mundane than what you’ll read about in books and not nearly as flashy, but does that make it any less valid? Sometimes we just have to look for the little things to find what we want. Sometimes it’s the mundane nature of ritual and repetition that can make the biggest difference in our lives if we’ll only let it. Comfort and a feeling of safety in one’s life sure isn’t anything to scoff at. So the next time you need a little magic in your life maybe all you need to do is turnabout your thinking- Your magic ritual is all around you, even if you don’t realize it all the time.

-Mitchell Drummond, Contributor and Co-Founder of Heck Media

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