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Two Year Anniversary Retrospective: I Accidentally Let Our Domain Expire (lol)

(Before you accost me with accusations about my general intelligence ((which, granted, have some foundation in reality)) let me offer you this-- I forgot. Good. Right. All is well. Carry on. Elucidation will come in due time.) Heck has been... Continue Reading →


THE PHILOSOPHY OF RICK AND MORTY?! Season 4 Speculation -Brendan C. Bush, Co-Creator and Contributor at Heck Media

Facebook Ads, Paradigm Shifts, and “The Absurd”

"A normal day, that's all it was."- Stephen King, from 'The Dumb Asshole Non-Fiction Shortcut Intro Handbook for Bad Writers Who Suck' I want to talk a little about paradigm shifts. Well, not scientifically speaking. I am not a scientist,... Continue Reading →

If Marvel’s Black Panther is okay then Kingdom Come: Deliverance is okay too.

I hate talking about Marvel movies on here. And I hate talking about video games on here. They're both meme power fantasy fiction and they're both totally fine. An ACTION MOVIE and a VIDEO GAME. Read a real book or... Continue Reading →



Why I’m NOT going to see Marvel’s BLACK PANTHER as a YOUNG, WHITE MAN.

Listen, we shouldn't be afraid to talk about the real problems with going to the theater these days.

We make music too? The Road Home (Single)

Yup 🙂   -Brendan C. Bush co-creator and contributor at Heck Media

Anachronism Incarnate: 00’s Softcore on YouTube and The Implications Thereof 

Don't ask where I've found this-- I won't say. Don't ask how I've found this-- my lips are sealed. Not only do I not wanna talk about it, but I also don't want to talk about. Note: This article is... Continue Reading →

“My Neighbor Having Loud Sex With His New Girlfriend 2: Banging on The Walls” Review

“My Neighbor Having Loud Sex With His New Girlfriend 2: Banging on The Walls” is a unbelievably unexpected and fresh performance, piggybacking on the audience gained during the initial performance of “My Neighbor Having Loud Sex With His New Girlfriend... Continue Reading →

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