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THE PHILOSOPHY OF RICK AND MORTY?! Season 4 Speculation -Brendan C. Bush, Co-Creator and Contributor at Heck Media


Facebook Ads, Paradigm Shifts, and “The Absurd”

"A normal day, that's all it was."- Stephen King, from 'The Dumb Asshole Non-Fiction Shortcut Intro Handbook for Bad Writers Who Suck' I want to talk a little about paradigm shifts. Well, not scientifically speaking. I am not a scientist,... Continue Reading →

If Marvel’s Black Panther is okay then Kingdom Come: Deliverance is okay too.

I hate talking about Marvel movies on here. And I hate talking about video games on here. They're both meme power fantasy fiction and they're both totally fine. An ACTION MOVIE and a VIDEO GAME. Read a real book or... Continue Reading →



Why I’m NOT going to see Marvel’s BLACK PANTHER as a YOUNG, WHITE MAN.

Listen, we shouldn't be afraid to talk about the real problems with going to the theater these days.

We make music too? The Road Home (Single)

Yup 🙂   -Brendan C. Bush co-creator and contributor at Heck Media

Anachronism Incarnate: 00’s Softcore on YouTube and The Implications Thereof 

Don't ask where I've found this-- I won't say. Don't ask how I've found this-- my lips are sealed. Not only do I not wanna talk about it, but I also don't want to talk about. Note: This article is... Continue Reading →

“My Neighbor Having Loud Sex With His New Girlfriend 2: Banging on The Walls” Review

“My Neighbor Having Loud Sex With His New Girlfriend 2: Banging on The Walls” is a unbelievably unexpected and fresh performance, piggybacking on the audience gained during the initial performance of “My Neighbor Having Loud Sex With His New Girlfriend... Continue Reading →

Ted Cruz’s Porn: An Important Discovery(?)

Twitter has been, perhaps, the most important internet service in the past ten years. From countries like Syria using Twitter to communicate with the rest of the world or swaying the election by allowing the candidates to talk directly to... Continue Reading →

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